ILOILO C&C 1カ月フィリピン留学体験談 「英文」


I’ve studied in CNC for 4 weeks and it finished really fast. I really had a happy time during my stay.

Thank you to all my tutors and kind manager.

When I came to CNC, I was worried because 4 weeks was quite a short time for studying.

 But I realized that all would be up to me. I had to give my best.

 So I learned how to study by myself and gained lots of new knowledge and information.

One good thing is that all tutors are very capable. I could have a man to man class with them.

They helped me fix my pronunciation and other English-related problems.

I couldn't experience this in Korea. I studied English almost all the time.

So I don't feel scared of using English.

My English is not perfect yet but I can now express my own opinion.

 My English skills have improved a lot.

I also learned the most important thing and that is being confident with myself.

During my 4-week stay, I have made many unforgettable memories.

Thank you CNC!

ILOILO C&C語学学校キャンペーン情報

留学期間: 2016年2月15日~6月15日、8月15日~12月15日(毎年実施)

【ボラカイ旅行】 2泊3日ボラカイリゾート宿泊券+朝食無料、出発日と部屋はC&Cで指定
・交通費などの諸費用は自己負担 (1人当たり往復約1,000ペソ)

【無料授業】 授業料+宿泊、食事代を無料


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